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Somewhere, out there, at any given time, is an adventure.  It's waiting.  And it's waiting for you.  At Gear Werks Adventure Travel we're here sharing what we've learned about remote travel, local and international.  From the our beloved state of Arizona, to the Gobi Desert, the Sahara Desert, the Baja Peninsula, military deployments, mountain biking, endurance running, camping, hiking, doing, living, seeing, and growing - we can't wait to help you start your next adventure. 

With Gear Werks Adventure Travel we hope to entice you, our reader, into getting out and experiencing all that is great around us.  Here's to the adventure!  Stay tuned!

What To Do In Sedona, AZ


What to See in AZ!


Crazy Jug, Grand Canyon, North Rim

MDS #3...Kicked Out Of The Race

The Deplorables Diary - Oatman

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