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BND - Gear Werks- Our Story

Welcome to the BND -Gear Werks Blog!

In addition to providing outstanding clothing at outstanding prices, one of the owner/operators at Brand Names All Direct is an avid outdoors enthusiast. From endurance running, Overlanding, mountain biking, camping, and backpacking Josh has the knowledge and experience about great gear and where to find it! As Brand Names All Direct continued to grow, Josh saw an opportunity to pivot to his real passion, the outdoors. Enter BND - Gear Werx. From product reviews, personal stories of adventure, to live updates during back country travels, Josh looks forward to sharing with you all he can about being outside!

Josh originally hails from Louisiana but in 2000 he and his wife packed up and moved west to Arizona. He had no clue this move would define him so much. He began participating in endurance running events in the early '90s and Arizona is a mecca for the sport with the abundance of trails. Arizona races led to other US endurance events, to China, to Morocco, and to Death Valley, to name a few. Pain was a regular visitor for his last 15 years of the sport. Running evolved to mountain biking and now he enjoys the trails a little differently trying to keep the shiny side up on his Trek Fuel 7 Mountain Bike. He is a former Marine with service in the First Gulf War and later, as a security contractor in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He went from a law enforcement career to teaching and now works as an owner/operator of Brand Names All Direct, an online clothing retailer.

Josh got nipped by the overlanding bug in early 2000 and be began scouring remote areas of Arizona and Utah, first in a 2005 Jeep TJ, then a 2010 Jeep JKU Rubicon outfitted with a rooftop tent, Foxwing awning and way too much gear. Now his rig is a 2021 Jeep JLU with the EcoDiesel pulling his Taxa TigerMoth offroad camper. Josh has overlanded some of the most remote corners of Arizona and continues to be amazed at the AZ landscape. From driving to Cabo san Lucas and back, exploring AZ backroads, or the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Josh relies on the best gear to see him through.

You can follow him on Facebook here, and Instagram here, sonorantrails.

Mike Tapp came into the picture in 2021 after serving nearly 30 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. Highly trained in search, rescue and survival, Mike is an experienced outdoor adventurist and outdoor products expert who has explored remote regions of the world ranging from faraway tropical atolls to Alaskan mountain ranges. A hiker, camper, kayaker, and overlanding off-road vehicle enthusiast, he now spends his free time exploring the American southwest deserts and mountains when away from his first love of the sea.

Mike brings a wealth of experience to BND - Gear Werx with his knowledge of camping gear, survival gear, outdoor clothing and equipment needs ranging from open ocean adventure to mountain and desert overland exploration. He and Josh enjoy frequent trips into the rugged wilds of Arizona where they personally put the outdoor products they review and promote to the test! You can follow him on Instagram at rudderlessadv.

At BND – Gear Werx we’ve partnered with small companies who exhibit the same commitment to quality and customer service that we do. We like the great stuff from the big companies, but we love the great stuff from the little companies. We look forward to expanding our partners and serving you, our customer.

When you buy from one of our partners BND Gear Werx may receive a small commission on the sale. It does not affect the price you pay. You are not buying directly from us and we have no access to your credit card information or order history. We do not have a shopping cart at BND Deals. When you click on one of our deals you are taken to that businesses website where you can make your purchase. We’ve been a trusted e-commerce retail partner since 2014 and now want to provide you with information to learn about incredible outdoor gear & products!

BND - Gear Werx will always provide you with honest information on the gear we review. We invite you to leave a comment and tell us about your experiences. We'd love to hear them!

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