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Made by Hand - Maggie's Beanies - Yes, you need one

Maggie is considered our daughters "Arizona Grandma". Jolie was born in 2008 and my wife and I, both working, struggled with Jo's care. I would work from home when I could and my wife would take her to her office when she could. It was beginning to wear on us! One day my wife met with a friend and the wife related our challenges to her. The friend mentioned her mom was home alone during the week and would love to watch Jo. And...the rest really is history as Maggie stuck around. To this day Maggie's adopted grandkid is still crazy about her and vice versa and she visits frequently.

On one of those visits Maggie was staying for the weekend, watching TV and busy knitting. She can actually "watch" TV, while still making loops, hoops, and thinga-ma-jigs with her needle. Within a few hours she proudly showed me her first beanie and said, "Josh...I made this for you!" She was so proud and I'm so humbled that she took time to make it for me. The cotton/wool blend was exceptional, snug, and warm. You don't get this kinda' stuff anymore. I asked her if she could make more and, again, the rest is history. Now Maggie sits in front of her favorite TV shows, cracks a cerveza, and knits.

Each one is uniquely different. So much so that they have to be listed individually, with individual pictures, individual measurements, etc. So bear with us, we try to describe each to a tee so you know what you're getting.

And finally, in case you're balking at the price, don't. We've researched price points and they're all over the map. BND - Gear Werks provides storage and shipping services, the rest goes straight to Maggie.

First Impressions

Snug. Warm. Fitted. The medium to large knitting is definitely warm. Wind is held at bay and to date my original Maggie's Beanie has not lost its fitted shape. It's still snug on my big knoggin' and keeps the chill out.

We list each beanie by hand and include the measurements. You're not getting over-sized head gear that will further stretch. Maggie size is hand crafted by Maggie. We don't know the size of you head, so you will need to know this when ordering.

Field Tested

My original Maggie's Beanie provided excellent warmth on my last two camping excursions near Flagstaff, AZ. The one I have pulls down a bit lower just above my ears and eyes, but not enough to roll a cuff. When winter/snow camping this is a big plus for me. I always wear a beanie at night. It staves off the cold while I'm tucked into my 0 degree bag. If it was too long it would annoy me over my eyes. If I roll the leading edge up it puts pressure on my head when laying down. This is the perfect length to keep things toasty and sleeping well.

Some of Maggie's Beanies come long enough to roll up for those who prefer and product photos will show this. All product photos will have two reflecting each individual measurements of that particular beanie.

Things to Consider

Maggie's Beanies are genuinely "Hand Made". The cotton/wool yarn is purchased in bulk, but every stitch, knot, and seam is made by hand. That being said, we don't have regular sizing such as small, medium, and large. Each beanie is individually measured and that information listed in the description.

Grab a friend, grab a beer, and measure each others heads. Afterall, no good story ever started with a salad.

Final Thoughts

Folks, I've been cold. From endurance running events at elevation, to the sands of Kuwait, to executing missions in Iraq, to directing traffic during a cold, Louisiana thunderstorm at 0200. I can tell you I don't mind the cold, but I don't like being cold.

I'm sure you're questioning my bias towards Maggie's Beanies and I can tell you I am absolutely biased. We love Maggie. But what I love more is being able to offer you a piece of gear that is exceptional and works. Period.

Maggie's Beanies get both of my thumbs up and you can get yours here:

We'd like to hear from our community so please leave a comment, and share your experience if you have a Maggie's Beanie!

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