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Part 2 - Overlanding 101 - The Gear You Really (don't) Need

In part 1 of Overlanding 101 we discussed a big piece of overlanding and that is, where do I lay my head? In part 2 we're going to explore a few types of gear that really make your rig look cool, but do you really need it. The overlanding and 4x4 world has more aftermarket gear, parts, and amenities than one can fathom. I went through this phase with my second Jeep, a 2010 Jeep JKU Rubicon. I had an oversized roof top tent, high-end roof rack with one of those cute ladders, a 270 degree awning, storage containers, recovery gear, kitchen, water cell(s), extra name it! Now, this post is not meant to dissuade the reader from getting what they need or want. My goal is to educate the buyer and encourage thoughtful consideration into how they move through their build.


My personal approach is this: I do not "