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At BND – Gear Werx we’ve partnered with small companies who exhibit the same commitment to quality and customer service that we do.  We like the great stuff from the big companies, but we love the great stuff from the little companies.  We look forward to expanding our partners and serving you, our customer.  


When you buy from one of our partners BND Gear Werx may receive a small commission on the sale. It does not affect the price you pay.  You are not buying directly from us and we have no access to your credit card information or order history.  We do not have a shopping cart at BND - Gear Werx.  When you click on one of our deals you are taken to that businesses website where you can make your purchase.  We’ve been a trusted e-commerce retail partner since 2014 and now want to provide you with information to learn about incredible outdoor gear & products!  


Maggies Beanies

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Jetboil Flask Java Kit Eco

Cooking Systam

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Truck Gloves

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